Mounting winch

Off course the Starbus needed a winch. I found a nice second hand warn 9.5 XP winch on the internet. This gives 4300 kg off pull. There don’t seem to be any standard mounting kits available for this model. I looked on the internet for different setups on other Daily’s that all varied a lot.

I wanted something sleek. After making several 3d models I got what I wanted.

First I needed to modify the bumper by cutting away the middle bar. While I had it off I made mounting points for my LED bar and put blind rivet nuts in for mounting the plastic covers.

Ones I put the bumper back I made the winch plate from wood to make sure I made no mistakes in the drawing. Ones I was happy I send the drawing of the get laser cut.

After some welding and painting it was ready to be installed. It was a very tight fit but it fitted!

The front cover is mounted with 9 M6 bolts. This way I don’t have to remove the whole bumper to remove the winch.


I have CAD drawings for this setup. If you would like to have a look just contact me.



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