To get a bit more power I installed an intercooler. I used the original intercooler that is stock on the 35.12. The radiator turned out quite hard to find. I found the 96857 Nissens intercooler radiator on for 102 euro.

- Air intake 98418514

- Silicon hose 93815303

- Silicon hose 93822770

These I found second hand from

The main radiator did not have the mounting points for the intercooler so some mounting adaptors were made from 10mm aluminum blocks. Two angles were needed for the lower mounting points.

When removing the small pipe to the air intake I broke the thread on the sensor. Luckily my new intake pipe came with a sensor. I just needed a new pipe.

My local Iveco dealer was able to help me out as he had a 35.12 sitting in the back waiting to get scraped. This one also had the correct turbo for the new orientation. Peter let me swap out the shell for mine. This worked out very nice as I did not have to do any modifications and by just replacing the shell it saved me removing the whole turbo.

There was a noticeable power increase after the installation. After I got my fuel pump tuned by it was driving a different van.

Fuel consumption also improved from 1:6.5 to 1:7:5


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